Risk Management

For any size company, it's dangerous to overlook workplace safety. Legacy HR offers safety administration to every client. Legacy HR's experienced safety engineers assist with injury prevention practices by providing customized worksite safety assessments, inspections and safety programs that reduce workplace injuries and job-related illnesses. Legacy HR also manages the workers' compensation program for all clients and co-employees.

Legacy HR’s team of safety professionals work with each client to identify potential safety-related exposures and assist in maintaining compliance with OSHA and other safety standards.

Legacy's Risk Management and Safety Services

Workers' Compensation

  • Procurement and administration of workers' compensation coverage
  • Coverage through fully insured plan with an A-rated carrier
  • Same-day provision of certificates

In-House Claims Management

  • Claims preparation and filing
  • Investigation of claims and representation at claims defense hearings
  • Maintenance of medical referral network for employees
  • Monitoring of employee and claim adjustor activities

Safety Administration

Worksite Safety Assessment

  • Assessment of overall work environment
  • Evaluation of processes, procedures and employee work habits
  • Identification of potential hazards and/or OSHA violations
  • Review of injuries and suggestions for corrective actions

Written Safety Program

  • Customized safety program designed to meet client-specific needs
  • Review of current policies and procedures and recommendations for needed changes
  • Development and updates of required OSHA written programs
  • Comprehensive safety manual


  • Experienced safety professionals on staff
  • Library of OSHA regulations, references and training materials
  • Outlines for employee safety meetings
  • Support for client management of safety program
  • Assistance with training requirements and needs